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Reimagine Human Potential and The Future of Talent with AI

The worlds leading human capital intelligence platform built with fit, retention, diversity in mind.

Contextual score for candidate-to-job and candidate-to-company match, based on candidates’ entire history and verified domain expertise.


A score based on series of relational factors across sectors, companies, and stages and the candidates’ tenure.


Scores a candidate’s retention propensity based on candidate history, relational factors, and industry benchmarks

We Provide an Extensive Range of Global Talent Insights

Skyminyr offers a comprehensive range of cutting-edge features to revolutionize your recruitment process. With advanced candidate sourcing capabilities, it empowers you to effortlessly discover and attract top talent tailored to your specific needs, whether you're seeking high performers or specialized skillsets.


With these powerful features at your disposal, Skyminyr empowers you to elevate your recruitment strategies and secure the best talent for your organization's success.

Skyminyr delivers predictive retention insights that power better, faster decision-making


Early warning system for talent issues based on competitor benchmarking


Predictive insights into employee retention risk and engagement risk


Uncover hidden talent pools, skill gaps, and predict rotation opportunities

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Unlock Human Potential with Artificial Intelligence

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